1. Who are Celandor Books?

Celandor Books is a bookseller and small independent book publisher.

We sell books in association with Amazon.co.uk and work in partnership with the Climbing Mountains Literature Project, a Nottingham based charitable association that works to promote, develop and support initiatives within the alcohol and drug recovery community which teach literacy skills, promote writing as a means of self-expression and use writing as a means of promoting public awareness of issues connected with addiction, mental health and recovery.

2. How do I submit a manuscript to you?

I'm afraid Celandor Books is fully committed to ongoing projects and not actively seeking new work to publish at the moment. We're only little, you see. It is usually worth new authors looking at the list of publishers in the Artists and Writers Yearbook. It gives advice on what each publisher is looking for, who to contact and how to submit work. Good luck!

3. When I buy an e-book your site takes me direct to Amazon. Why?

This is because electronic books are sold using a different system to paper books. Amazon handles these sales direct from their main website and arranges for the e-books purchased to be downloaded or sent to the buyer.

4. What is an aStore? (It is mentioned on some of your pages).

aStore is the search facility on this website that allows you to buy paper books. As mentioned in point 3 above it cannot handle the sale of e-books and some specialist publications. In those cases you get transferred directly to the Amazon website.

5. Is it safe to buy from Celandor Books?

Yes. At the point of payment you are transferred to secure sites either on Amazon or PayPal which will handle your sale. (We are an Amazon affiliate which means we work for Amazon on a small commission basis.)

6. How can I learn more about the Climbing Mountains Literature Project?

Thanks for your interest! We will be putting details about the project on our 'blog' but I'm doing this myself and I'm new to the software so please be patient while I learn the ropes!!

7. How do you pronounce Celandor?

Easy peasey - it's Cell-an-door.