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Our Friends in t'Midlands
(all good folk plying an honest trade)

Bees Make Honey - creative co-operative run by the outstanding writer Kirsty Fox. (Fascinating articles and advice on writing & independent publishing)

LeftLion - Nottingham's very own free indie magazine, probably the best free magazine in the world.


Nicola Monaghan/Valentine - a cracking good writer and true supporter & champion of the written word. (Writes under both names in case you wondered!)

BrickBats - the website of cartoonist Brick, aka travel writer
John Stuart Clark. An interesting & talented man, have a look see.

Hotel Deux and Guitar Bar - if the Glastonbury festival moved into a hotel in Nottingham it would probably look like this....... Nottingham's most intimate live music venue. Hosting the best national and local talent. Located Just out of Nottingham city centre.

Cellar 54 - The future starts here: based in Nottingham's Lacemarket with a purpose built studio producing web content for local businesses and creatives. The team that brought us the fabulous Lacemarket Tedx.